A Look Inside Connie Ferguson’s Stunning House

A Look Inside Connie Ferguson’s Stunning House

Connie Ferguson is the queen of South African television. She kick started her career on Generations in the 1990s, and she has been climbing the heights of success ever since. Along with her acting career, Connie Ferguson has also enjoyed a successful career as a model and businesswoman. These successful ventures, as well as all her endorsements deals she has secured, have earned Connie lots of money, and she is currently among the richest celebrities in South Africa.

While Connie Ferguson knows how to make money, when it comes to spending it, she knows how to shine. Along with driving expensive cars, Connie also lives in one of the best celebrity mansions in South Africa.  Here is a sneak peek into Connie Ferguson’s house that will give you goose bumps.

Connie Ferguson’s house sits on several lands of land somewhere in the upscale suburbs of Johannesburg. From the above video shared by Connie on her Instagram account, it appears that the huge mansion is situated just under a hill and has the most spectacular view.

Although we already regard her as a queen, and we expected nothing less than premium class and royalty from her, Connie really outdid herself here. The house is wonderful in every way and exudes class and wealth. To begin with, the location of Connie Ferguson’s house is something to die for. Imagine the composure, calmness, and pool of peace that can be found in the hills- we don’t think it can get better than that.

The house is surrounded by high perimeter walls and has a winding driveway from the main gate to the house. The driveway is lined with well-manicured flowers, and the whole compound is carpeted with lawn grass. Just before you get in the house is an ample parking space to accommodate all of Connie’s glossy cars as well as those of her guests.

While the house’s outside is painted in shades of grey and white only, the inside walls vary from room to room, although the main colours are crisp white and grey. Grand staircases with metallic railings connect the lower floors of the wall with the upper floors, and the rooms are well-lit with inbuilt LED lights on the walls and ceiling as well as all the natural light that is let in by the giant glass windows and doors.

Connie Ferguson’s living room is a sight to behold too. The white and grey walls are completed by pieces of visual arts on the walls, and the inbuilt lights are completed by low-hanging chandeliers. The somewhat traditional furniture gives the room an air of elegance. Like the living room, Connie’s kitchen is a sight to behold too. It’s a fully equipped, open modern kitchen with elusive orange walls and a kitchen island in the middle.

After seeing all the features of this grand mansion, now you are wondering how much it cost. Well, it is reported that Connie Ferguson’s house cost her between R15 to R19 million. Even though the house is quite costly, its cost is just a tiny fraction of Connie Ferguson’s net worth, and the grand dream house is worth every cent.


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