Actress And Singer Dezry Kay Lost Her Triplet

Actress And Singer Dezry Kay Lost Her Triplet

Actress and singer Dezry Kay, whose real name is Desiree Kekana is going through a terrible and painful moment of her life, her joy of expecting triplets was short-lived after she recently suffered a miscarriage. The actress said she was on top of the world when doctors told her she will be having triplets. Not one, two but three babies. It was the first pregnancy of the 28 years actress and singer.

She said she and her husband were so excited about the pregnancy that they mostly argue about the sexes of the babies.  “I expected to have beautiful, healthy children. We were so excited. My man wanted a boy and I wanted a girl, so we were hoping for both sexes,” she said.

Actress and singer Dezry Kay

For Dezry, the morning of 18 April started like any other only for her to later experience terrible pain in her tummy. “My abdomen felt uncomfortable and my legs were stiff. My fiance took me to the hospital and I was rushed straight into the theatre,” she said.

She thought she was not going to come out of it alive. “I was bleeding internally. I don’t know if I’d have survived if I hadn’t gone to the hospital immediately,” she said.

She had to undergo surgery and lost her two months pregnant with triplets. She is currently nursing her pains and disappointment at home. The actress said the doctor told her the miscarriage was caused by a heterotopic pregnancy. “Two fetuses were growing in the uterus and one was in the Fallopian tube None of the babies could be saved due to the complications. I’ve got stitches on my belly from the surgery,” she added.

Dezry’s fiance Shaun Reddy (36) said the situation brought them even closer: “This experience has brought us closer together. We’re still hopeful that our wish to have children will come true.”


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