David Genaro Returns To Rhythm City To Cause Havoc 

David Genaro Returns To Rhythm City To Cause Havoc 

Rhythm City fans are in for a wild and exciting month of May as an expert actor and anti-hero David Genaro makes a return to the popular show. His return, however, has a spiral as it’s only in the spirit. The David Genaro spirit uses Ziyanda as its host and plans to use her in his cruel plot.

Fans of the show will remember that David Genaro played by Jamie Bartlett left after 13 years on the show to follow other opportunities. Fans were left heartbroken when he was shot in point-blank range by Khumkani who was working with Suffocate Ndlovu. The larger than life character left a gap in the soapie that was hard to fill. It is clear that the show’s producers have decided to bring David Genaro back even though only in spirit and not physical form. Genaro’s return is set to surely lift viewership on thee.TV production.

The month of May will see Ziyanda trying to hold and control her mental sanity as she struggles to fend off David Genaro’s evil spiritual. To make matters worse one of David Genaro’s enemies is Ziyanda’s brother in law Khumkani. His return does not sit well with Ziyanda as it turns her life upside down and causes awful pain. Ziyanda even recruits the help of a sangoma to get rid of David Genaro’s spirit.

On the other hand, David Genaro’s onscreen daughter Pearl, seems to cuddle his spirit and finds comfort in its presence.

You can catch all the Rhythm City action and how David Genaro’s return will cause havoc every weekday on e.TV at 1930hrs.


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