Here Is What An Actress Kgomotso Christopher Plans To Do After Leaving Scandal

Here Is What An Actress Kgomotso Christopher Plans To Do After Leaving Scandal

There is an exciting world out there full of opportunities and actress Kgomotso Christopher is brave enough to take that obstacle and spread her wings. She has made it official that she will be leaving from the popular TV soapie Scandal. The actress has shared with her fans that her last day on the set will be on Wednesday. Fans will still be able to see her for a few weeks but after that, she will no longer be on our small screens in that particular program.

Although the country is on a nationwide lockdown and not much is being done in the entertainment industry, Kgomotso told TshisaLIVE her future plans. Her plans were to hit into every aspect of the industry to see where her path leads to.

“I’ve always been an ‘all of it’ type of actor and artist, whatever comes and if it suits me and it suits my growth vision, I will go for it. So, that does include presenting and I’ve said to a couple of my Scandal! Viewers that I’ve auditioned for a TV show and it’s presenting and if it all goes well, I will let them know,” she said.

In fact, the star has been testing for everything under the sun. “I wanted to see myself get a moment to play it out there in whichever form it presents itself, whether it’s a TV show or stage work or teaching. I will be grabbing anything and everything that will help grow my craft and my artistry” she said.

While some of her plans are on hold due to the lockdown, Kgomotso said she is enjoying this time indoors home schooling her children. “I am going to be at home most of the time, home schooling my kids and will continue to work on my MTN stuff with the permit that I have. So my MTN lady voice work still carries on and as soon as the industry opens, I will start aligning things and putting things together. As soon as there are things that come out in the way of new projects I can’t wait to share it with everyone”

After four years of playing the role of Yvonne on Scandal! Kgomotso will make her final appearance on screen on 2nd June. She has also shared pics of her last day on the set.


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