House of Zwide Actor ‘Lazarus’ Khaya Dladla Celebrates Birthday, His Age Shocks Mzansi

House of Zwide Actor ‘Lazarus’ Khaya Dladla Celebrates Birthday, His Age Shocks Mzansi

Khaya Dladla is famously known for his role in House of Zwide, playing Lazarus, who is Funani Zwide’s most trusted right hand. Laz oversees the interns and the day to day operations of the fashion house and takes on the role of Zwide’s best friend and most trusted advisor. The etv series portrays him as someone who grew up with Funani since he started the business, making his character older than his actual age.

Khaya Dladla made a big deal out of his birthday this year with mega celebrations over the weekend. The actor partnered with Wiseman Car wash, Moyito lounge, Articulate Africa and Coastal lounge to celebrate his big day in one day. The actor posted videos all over his Instagram stories showing how much fun he had in all four venues.

Dladla hosted the events with famous entertainers like Ndloh Jnr, Sthe the MC, Big Zulu, DJ Hlo and many more. Many of his cast mates on House of Zwide wished the actor a happy birthday on their timelines. Despite taking in the role of someone in his forties on the Telenovela, Khaya has turned 32 years today. Many of his fans are shocked because he makes it easy to look the part of someone older with his makeup and mature character.

The business empire that Khaya has combined for himself is significant, and he has been in the industry for many years that some people would think he is older than he is. Recently Laz has been getting a lot of screen time as his baby mama reappears in his life for the sake of their son. Laz is being forced to be someone he is not by washing off the makeup so that his son gets to see him as a man. Given that Lazarus wants to do everything to gain his son’s approval, he then does everything his baby mama tells him, including a lie.

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