House Of Zwide: Mampho Gives Birth But Something Bad Happens To The Baby

House Of Zwide: Mampho Gives Birth But Something Bad Happens To The Baby

Just when Nkosi (Wanda Zuma) was thrilled that his girlfriend Shoki (Shalate Sekhabi) and his pregnant ex-lover Mampho (Gaisang Noge) were on good terms, things take a turn for the worst.

As usual, the two women get into an argument and Shoki hits below the belt with insults.

“She says that no one likes Mampho because she is rude, which is why Mampho’s mother abandoned her,” says Gaisang, whose character loses her composure.

House Of Zwide: Mampho Gives Birth

Everything happens so fast. Mampho slaps Shoki and Shoki pushes Mampho away from her in retaliation.

Mampho falls down the stairs and blacks out. Shoki immediately calls an ambulance and fabricates a cover-up story while Mampho fights for her life.

Instead of coming clean to Nkosi about the incident, Shoki lies. She tells him that Mampho mistakenly fell – and Shoki just happened to be at the Zwide mansion and rescued Mampho and her unborn baby.

Shoki is embarrassed that she let her emotions get the better of her. Who fights with a pregnant woman anyway?” says Ga. But the truth catches up with Shoki.

House Of Zwide: Mampho Gives Birth

Mampho wakes up from a coma and she relays her version of events to Shoki, Nkosi, and his parents Faith and Funani (Winnie Ntshaba and Vusi Kunene), who are at her bedside.

Mampho is no better, she too is dishonest. She claims that Shoki intentionally pushed her because she is jealous that she’s pregnant with Nkosi’s baby. “However, it’s all a ploy for Mampho to turn the Zwides against Shoki,” adds the actress.

House Of Zwide: Mampho Gives Birth

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