Imbewu The Seed: Donsi is back and about to go to war with Sebenzile to get her man back,Next on Imbewu Tonight

Imbewu The Seed: Donsi is back and about to go to war with Sebenzile to get her man back, Next on Imbewu Tonight

Sebenzile tried reminding her that she actually didn’t want Shongololo and she’s the one who pushed them into each other’s hands… and to show that she wasn’t really trying to get with her man, it took quite a long time before they actually fell in love with each other. But Donsi doesn’t care about that, she’s back and she’s demanding that whatever feelings have graduated needs to get rid of! Whatever it takes!

Firstly, Donsi should be asking her sister nicely! She’s confronting her with the prison attitude and that’s not gonna work unless she has the intention to beat her up until she leaves Phakade alone! Secondly, it’s unfair for her to waltz in and make demands without considering that there are feelings involved. I too wouldn’t agree if I were Sebenzile.

Imbewu The Seed

A man is not just a piece of paper that you can move back and forth without attaching anything to. As Sebenzile said, “I can’t just turn my feelings off like a light switch” but still, KaMandonsela doesn’t care how it will have to be done, Sebenzile will have to switch off her feelings if she doesn’t want war from her sister.

Imbewu The Seed

But from how things are going, Sebenzile will not take this lying down and I’m here for it! You can’t give someone a taste of the good life and expect them to give it back to you when you change your mind! KaMandonsela is being selfish to even demand what she’s demanding.

Imbewu The Seed

Thursday 26 August 2021
Episode 879

Zithulele reconnects with Nokuzola, but Boniswa gate-crashes and spills the beans about Zithulele sleeping with her. KaMadonsela feels her bed has been tainted by Sebenzile, who tells kaMadonsela to pack her bags and leave.

Friday 27 August 2021
Episode 880

A hangover is the least of Buhle’s worries when she wakes up to find that she is trending on social media for her drunken behavior.

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