Thuli Phongolo becomes a joke after people noticed how much she charges to perform at your event

Thuli Phongolo becomes a joke after people noticed how much she charges to perform at your event

Besides being an actor Thuli Phongolo is also a Dj by profession and being a Dj pays a lot of money the good thing is you are the boss you do things your way.

But again it depends if people book you or not and the more the bookings you get the more money you make.

And by the look of things people don’t approve of Thuli Phongolo’s work as there have been rumors that she doesn’t know how to Dj, but instead, she uses pre-recorded mix to Dj.

And this has made people doubt her and make fun of her.

Thuli Phongolo becomes a joke

Musa Khawula took to his social media account to share how much Thuli Phongolo Chargers to perform at an event, below is what he shared that got people talking.

To book Thuli Phongolo to perform at your event costs R20 000.

Her rider includes 2x Moet Nectar Imperial, 1x Remy Martin VSOP, 4x Tonic Mixers, 1x Hubbly Bubbly, 4x Red Bull, and 4x Still Water. She also requires a security guard to be with her at all times and to escort her.

People are saying Thuli doesn’t deserve all those things because she doesn’t know her job, and they can’t imagine paying someone like Thuli R20 000 to come and play a recorded mix for one hour, some even said they better pay Uncle Waffle instead of Thuli Phongolo.

Thuli Phongolo becomes a joke

One of the reasons why people will never succeed is because there are people who look down on them while they try to make a living. Social media can make you and break you

Because one negative comment can ruin someone’s career because what people are saying about Thuli will make other people doubt her and this means they will never book her. Why are people on social media so negative? This is just wrong.

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