Wiseman Zitha Speak Out About His Career And New Role On Muvhango

Wiseman Zitha Speak Out About His Career And New Role On Muvhango

Television actor Wiseman Zitha who shot to fame on SABC2’s Telenovela Giyani-The Land Of Blood is set to return back to our TV screens this evening. The actor who stole the hearts of many viewers with his character Musa, on the Xitsonga drama has paved a name for himself in the world of theatre, with a multitude of fans.

In a private interview with ZAlebs, Wiseman who studied Drama said, Giyani opened various doors of opportunities for him: “People liked it a lot, I wasn’t expecting people to receive Musa like that. I mean it was my first gig on TV, I had never done it before, and so it was really amazing. It is quite not easy to break into the industry when you are not known, so Giyani opened a lot of doors for me”.

He said he was not really disappointed when the show came to an end because they always knew it would. Wiseman who grow as an actor, model, and an influencer said, he had planned a lot for this year but the Covid-19 pandemic has disturbed some of his plans. He said he is working on his brand and the world will know about it very soon. The talented actor said he would also love to risk into presenting to spread his paths in the industry: “I think actually I would do really well as a presenter. I mean I have the personality and I talk quite a lot so I think it will happen soon”.

Wiseman is no stranger to flexing his muscles on Instagram, a scroll down his timeline is bursting with pictures that display sex appeal and some have seen he is very flashy in some pictures accusing him of being gay. Wiseman said that is their opinion “I mean this is South Africa people have the right to speculate and come up with their own theories so yeah, that’s their opinion, I don’t know about that.”

Wiseman said he recently bagged a new role on Muvhango. Speaking about the role he said he is very excited about his new role and it’s a new journey because he always wanted to be part of this family. He said they all have been amazing and he just wants to work hard to perfect his skills and grow in the industry.

“I am excited to be playing this new role on Muvhango, not only is it completely different from the one I played, Musa on Giyani Land of Blood, but it’s even extremely different from who I am and people are to see an extremely different side of me and that is what we do as actors. I will also be speaking Tshivenda, which will be the first time a lot of people see me in that light as I am now still known as Musa, a Tsonga boy from Giyani Land Of Blood. Playing this role has truly given me a stamp of belonging and, I continue to grow with every script”.


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